LinkedIn: Drive Business like a Porsche

If you had a Porsche (and didn’t have to pay for gas or insurance), would you:

  • Keep it in your garage and idle the engine once a year?
  • Drive it everywhere and let people notice you?

If you have an incomplete LinkedIn account and can’t remember when you updated it last, you have a Porsche in your garage.

The beauty is it doesn’t take much time to get moving down the highway. All you need are a few concentrated hours to complete your profile, and then about 20 minutes per week. Here are the steps:

  1. Define your Objective
  2. Complete your Profile and Summary (Using Key Words)
  3. Add Business Contacts
  4. Join Groups
  5. Use the Answer feature to Answer and Ask questions

Define Your Objective

How about I take a stab at guessing your Objective? You would like to:

“Build genuine online relationships that are profitable for you and your contacts by being visible, active and demonstrating relevant value.”

How did I do? If yours is similar to the one above then you are OK. If you don’t want to be visible, active and demonstrate relevant value, Social Media may not be the right tool for you.

Complete Your Profile & Summary Sections

Make sure all of the fields in your Profile & Summary sections are completed. This includes a photo. Your information is searchable by systems like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you have an empty Profile and no Photo you will not be found by potential employers or businesses. That’s what I mean by having a Porsche idling in your garage.

LinkedIn has resources to help, but some good advice from someone who knows how will help speed things up and shorten your learning curve.

Add Business Contacts

Don’t start asking every Tom, Dick and Sally to be your, contact. Think about the close business associates and partners. Then, consider associates you have worked with in the past and want to work with in the future.

Invite people who are your best target audience and use the search function to find these people. This is a perfect time to make contact with prospects you have recently met. Write a personal email message and invite them to join your community.

Join Groups

I really began making valuable contacts when I joined ‘Groups’ and began using the ‘Answers’ feature.

Your objective here is to demonstrate your business and the unique value you offer. So, you should join and participate in Social Media Groups.

Don’t only join groups of people who do what you do (they are your competitors). Join groups where you clients and potential clients are – then, contribute to conversations. By joining discussions you will be get noticed.

When you see a great potential prospect, ask them to join your network. Start getting to know each other… just DON’T SELL. If you throw them a sales pitch they’ll likely run. Let them trust you… get to know you. When you have a dialogue with a customer or prospect you become a valued resource – not a sales person.

Answers and Questions

Social Media is about having a dialogue. Use the ‘Answers’ feature to Ask & Answer questions to build your on-line industry expert reputation. The difference between posting questions here rather than within a ‘Group’ is that this information goes out to the whole LinkedIn community. I like that!

Another thing you can do to build your LinkedIn profile is to begin communicating regularly on Twitter and create a Blog. Both of these are great exposure. If you make connections there – they can also easily become LinkedIn contacts.

I hope this helps you get on the highway with your Porsche and enjoy the ride.

Happy communication and email writing. 

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