Bruce Mayhew on Canada AM. Top Morning News Show.

On the 14th of April I had the pleasure to speak with Beverly Thomson, co-host of CTV’s Canada AM – Canada’s most watched morning news show.

Beverly Thomson speaking with Bruce Mayhew

Bruce Mayhew on Canada AM with Beverly Thomson

Beverly Thomson and I discussed how the business email negatively impacts our professional reputations, productivity and also costs our companies in lost productivity for everyone including senior managers.

While we only touched on a few of the main email etiquette subjects I teach, specific topics we discussed were:

  • Why people write fragmented email messages
  • How to turn an incoherent email with no structure into an actionable message
  • Chronic Cc’ing and why people are so attached to this expensive crutch
  • The serious challenges our professional reputations face because tone is lost in email

Happy communication and email writing. 

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Bruce Mayhew is a Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer who builds strong client and co-worker relationships that give clients a competitive advantage. Our training and development programs include: ■Generational Differences ■Effective Business Email Writing ■Email Etiquette ■Phone Etiquette ■Behaviour Event Interviewing (BEI) ■Mindfulness ■Using Linkedin to Build Client Relationships ■Objective Setting Made Easy

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