LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn recently launched LinkedIn Today, a service the company hopes will entice members to sign-in every day.

What Is It & Who’s It For?LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn Today is a fee service for LinkedIn members who want an easy way to stay up-to-date on a topic or industry – on their own terms.  On their own terms means the information source received is fully customizable by each member.

LinkedIn also does not act as an editor, nor does it quantify or qualify the stories. The whole LinkedIn network selects the news based on which stories are recommended, Tweeted, or posted on Facebook.

Three Ways LinkedIn Members Customize What They See

LinkedIn Today gives members the opportunity to receive personally relevant information by customizing their profile in three different ways. LinkedIn members can read:

  • What their connections are reading
  • Top articles within specific industries or news sources (22 industries to choose from and growing)
  • Headlines from the global LinkedIn network of 100 million members

Members can also share news they think is relevant with their LinkedIn Groups – or email (send), it to one of their LinkedIn contacts.

Having a professional and tailored lens on news and insights is not only an efficient way to gather information for your work day, but it also arms you with the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.” said Deep Nishar, SVP of product and user experience at LinkedIn.

Share News With Other Social Media

LinkedIn has also built stronger ties with Twitter by enabling members who use LinkedIn Today to send (Tweet), information they see and like.

LinkedIn Today Is Mobile

LinkedIn’s iPhone application version 3.6, lets members view LinkedIn Today news and connect with the over 100 million LinkedIn members. Also, if members see an article they like but don’t have time to read it, iPhone application version 3.6 also lets them save any article and read it later. The application is also compatible with the iPad.

So – here is one more way – and seemingly a very efficient way – for you to stay up-to-date and connected to your network  or within in an industry.

Happy communication and email writing. 

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