Be Amazing… At Work.

We are all amazing in our own way.

In this post lets discuss some of the workplace advantages and opportunities to impress ourselves, our bosses and to improve customer satisfaction so that customers will never think to go anywhere else.

Why should you be amazing… at work?

Being amazing is very attractive… to your customers and your boss. By being amazing you will FEEL GREAT and Proud. You will also:

  • Be more creative, innovative, adaptable, and therefore efficient
  • Provide enviable (and hard-to-copy), customer service
  • Save time (yours and your customers)
  • Reduce costs (yours and your customers)

All of these benefits also make being amazing financially rewarding. However, if you hold back there’s no way you can be amazing and show your passion for your work. There’s no way to give yourself AND your company that competitive advantage.

What can you do to be amazing… at work?

Leave behind your hesitations. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert; some of the common workplace hesitations that may be holding you back are as follows:

  • Being amazing is the same as showing off – which is VERY different
  • Being amazing takes more time – it often saves you time
  • You don’t have the corporate freedom – in many cases I bet you do
  • You don’t know how to be amazing in a respectful way – that can be fixed… starting here

A friend of mine would be quick to point out that this is a list of reasons and fears. He would also say, “Leave them behind. Overcome them” Instead of thinking of all these negatives, think about all of the possibilities where you can embrace creativity to create the future you want. Just go do it!

An example of a small safe step

Get your team together (or get a blank piece of paper by yourself). Your goal is to brainstorm amazing ways you can provide great customer service – there are likely hundreds. Let all ideas be good ideas. Then prioritize your list. When you’re done, choose one or two ideas to implement. Don’t try to implement them all at once.

You might need some help or some training to accomplish your idea(s). You might need to create a few new templates. You might have to move furniture around your office. Don’t let those things hold you back – Just go do it! As soon as you have the confidence to show your strengths there will be no stopping you and the financial and personal payback will be many times your time and / or monetary investment.

If you have read many of my blog posts you’ll know I often give practical applications. So, since I specialize in Effective Business Writing I’m going to show you two practical email examples of how you can be amazing (without being egotistical).

Since 90% of our business communication is via email – polishing your email writing is an easy win where training can have a large impact on your whole team.

Email Example 1:


Yes, we have the latest iPhone in stock.


Yes, we have the latest iPhone in stock in white and black.

We only have two in black so I have put one aside for you. Is that the colour you wish?

Email Example 2:


Here is the latest report for Mondays meeting.


Here is a pdf. of the latest Sales report for Mondays meeting. Our October and November sales are 22% above last year’s volumes. Lets explore ways to continue this growth.

In the After… messages you have managed expectations and found simple ways to be amazing by thinking about what your audiences needs. By being amazing you have:

  • Made your expectations clear
  • Managed everyone else’s expectations
  • Saved YOUR time
  • Saved your audiences time

That’s how you build relationships and create loyal customers. Take a look at your email messages. Do they say you are amazing? Do they say you are taking care of the people who depend on you?


Let flexibility, creativity and innovation happen. Being amazing is the only sustainable strategy to create long-term value. Anything less can be immediately copied by your competitors.

How can you encourage everyone to be amazing? By always looking for creative ways to delight. Being creative for the sake of creativity only satisfies your needs. But, if your main goal is finding new ways to delight your customers… being amazing (being creative) will bring you much success.

Happy communicating.

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