Let’s All Be Borg

Imagine… we were all Borg. Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • When you and I worked on a project we would be equally motivated on precisely the same the outcome
  • When I have a thought you would know exactly what I mean
  • We would never waste of time, money or resources
  • Nobody on our team (or in our family), would experience hurt emotions based on the interpretation of what someone else said or did 

Think how our productivity would increase. Our company, our department, our team, our family would thrive and experience harmonious and unparalleled success. The greater good would be well served.

Let’s do it, let’s be Borg

Let’s get networked together. What will we have to do to achieve the splendor of Borg efficiency, productivity, harmony and success? Using the Star Trek database as a resource, you and I would:

  • Have to give up all emotion. Perfect communication is dependent on being unemotional – something many of us are not good at… not even SPOCK.
  • Share the same goals, needs, wants, abilities and talents. Really?
  • Give up all individuality; we will dress, act and live in the same way. Nothing unique about you or me.
  • Be connected to “the hive mind” therefore at a moments notice we’d sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the project and our goal with no hesitation. What?
  • Not experience love and friendship.
  • Stop eating. I like sweet, you like salty; that doesn’t matter. Borg don’t eat, our cybernetic implants will convert energy into whatever nutrients we will need.

I expect that if perfect communication were possible none of us would choose to give up our individuality (or for me chocolate). So, the reality is that you and I have to work at being effective communicators. Each of us is unique. Our backgrounds, educations, upbringing are different. And because we are unique so are our objectives, our goals and our dreams. What this means is that when you and I communicate you are going to ‘hear’ something different from what I mean.

That’s the key so let me say it again.

When you and I communicate you are going to ‘hear’ something different from what I mean.

It doesn’t mean I’m a bad communicator or that you are a bad listener – it only means we are human and have to take a moment to experience the conversation. And that’s a problem because in our busy work and personal schedules we often don’t take the time to experience the conversation. Instead, we:

  • Listen
  • Make assumptions of what the other person means and needs
  • Judge what we think we understand (based on our assumptions and our personal needs)
  • Make decisions as to next steps

… and then we’re off to our next meeting / conversation.

But Instead…

But if we both took the time to experience the conversation it’s likely that as you listen to me that your assumptions, creativity and insight would make the end result even greater… if you and I take time to share your assumptions and creativity. We would also save time, money and resources. To do this we need to see creativity as a good thing and the person who is creative not as confrontational, a bad listener, a bad employee or a bad partner.

And that’s the other key.  We need to give each other room to be creative and to share that process.

Certainly there are times when creativity and brainstorming are not good.  In emergencies there might not be time to honour creativity and negotiation so our bosses or partners might have to be… bossy. And we have to honour and respect that.

For most conversations however, we have to learn to give each other room to ask questions, to listen to each others answers and to validate what we ‘hear’ each other are needing and feeling.

Conclusion: Don’t blame others for being different or seeing things differently

Blaming others for what they are not or because they interpret things differently than we do is like judging a horse because it doesn’t try to walk upright. But if we accept that a horse is a hard worker, a loyal companion and a faster runner we are now able to take advantage of those qualities… and no assimilation is required.

Happy communicating.

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