You’ve Just Hired A Millennial Part 3

You just hired a Generation Y employee (a Millennial), one of the great multitaskers of all time.

You now have access to a valuable asset – or not… and it’s largely up to you the experience you will both have.

This post is Part 3 in a series of three blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2), that explore how you can:

  • Get the most out of your relationship with your Millennial employees
  • Help Millennials get the most out of their relationship with you
  • Create harmonious relationships between Millennials and your Boomer / Generation X employees

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Get Boomers and Generation Xers On Side

The challenge is working style.

It’s not uncommon for Boomers and Generation Xers to be frustrated by Millennials in the workplace because of behaviours like a Millennials’ desire for recognition, a casual team approach and their natural ability (and often desire), to use technology.

As a leader you have to create an atmosphere of safety, respect and understanding with your employees of all ages / generations. It’s important your whole team works together.

Get Boomers and Generation Xers On Side Approach 1.

Your staff has to understand how to manage Millennials and you have to show Millennials how to work with Boomers and Generation Xers.  Introduce this as an opportunity for learning to all three generations.  The alternative is to ignore it, which can harbor conflict and tension with all of your employees which leads to lower productivity and quality staff quitting.

Boomers and Generation Xers might stay because of job security (and still be less engaged), but Millennials will likely leave as soon as they find something better.  When this happens you will lose the time and money you’ve invested in training them and Millennials get an undeserved reputation for being lazy and without loyalty.  Create a harmonious environment and you will have employees that stick around – from all generations.

Help Millennials Learn

Boomer and Generation X parents raised their Millennial children with a focus on learning and someone coaching them / mentoring them since they were in daycare or junior kindergarten, therefore, learning will be an important part of your relationship with your Millennial.

Learn Approach 1.

Millennials are tech savvy, well-traveled and one of the most educated generations, but workplace etiquette is one area they are not knowledgeable about. One of the best places you can help them is to introduce them to workplace etiquette. Help them get along with others that have a hierarchy view to work. The great part of this learning is that this will be in real-time for Millennials (active learning), and directly important to their (and your), ongoing success.

In addition, look for opportunities for Millennials to learn about your business, customers, market, new techniques / approaches. Ask Millennials what is most important to them and even ask them come up with a plan.

Please enjoy Part 1 and Part 2 of this Millennial series.

Happy communicating.

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