You’ve Just Hired A Millennial Part 2

You just hired a Generation Y employee (a Millennial), one of the great multitaskers of all time.

You now have access to a valuable asset – or not… and it’s largely up to you the experience you will both have.

This post is Part 2 in a series of three blog posts (Part 1 and Part 3), that explore how you can:

  • Get the most out of your relationship with your Millennial employees
  • Help Millennials get the most out of their relationship with you
  • Create harmonious relationships between this group and your Boomer / Generation X employees

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Motivate Millennials

To get a Millennials’ best you have to instruct and motivate them a bit differently than most Generation Xers or Boomers.

They can and will do less important tasks as long as:

  • The responsibility is shared
  • They see the tasks are a means to an end
  • They also have important tasks where they can learn and demonstrate their value to others and themselves
  • They are entertained / having fun

Motivate Approach 1.

A Generation Y employee (Millennial) wants to be engaged and know they are adding value / making a difference.  If Millennials in the workplace feel they are not moving forward or are not important, they lose interest and become less productive.  Getting a pay cheque isn’t enough of a reward for them.

Making a difference doesn’t need to be grand like saving the project (although that would be great), it could be as simple as knowing they are making your workload more manageable and helping you be more productive.  The key is knowing this, and this means you have to tell Millennials they are making a difference often… perhaps daily.

Reward Millennials

Connect Millennials to senior staff and invite them to events / meetings. When they meet their leaders they feel part of the ‘team’… it also gives them social bragging rights… which is a motivator for them.

Reward Approach 1.

Millennials in the workplace will be engaged if you introduce them to everyone when they start. They will see it as a reward and a rite-of-passage. This will also be very motivating to them (and productive for you), because they will want to learn what everyone’s role is and how their job is an important part of everyone’s success.

Most Millennials will enjoy when they can facebook their friends / family “The boss asked ME to go to XXX meeting.”  That kind invitation will be a reward and very motivating rather than keeping them tucked away in a corner without access to these important people.

Provide Millennials Feedback

Ongoing, sincere and balanced feedback is an important part of successfully managing Millennials. The more specific your feedback / coaching, the better the outcome.

Feedback Approach 1.

Millennials want to see how they are making a difference from day 1. They don’t have the patience to wait a month or more for guidance and recognition – they need ongoing feedback because that’s what their Boomer and Generation X parents gave them. Big / long projects have to be broken into much smaller achievements / results.

Waiting for a big project to go off track will be very discouraging for them.  This is where ongoing feedback is great because projects don’t have the time to get completely off-track so course corrections can be small.

Please enjoy Part 1 and Part 3 of this Millennial series.

Happy communicating.

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