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Bruce Mayhew is a Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer who builds strong client and co-worker relationships that give clients a competitive advantage. Our training and development programs include: ■Generational Differences ■Effective Business Email Writing ■Email Etiquette ■Phone Etiquette ■Behaviour Event Interviewing (BEI) ■Mindfulness ■Using Linkedin to Build Client Relationships ■Objective Setting Made Easy

4 Responses to Ferrari’s New Email Policy: Send Email To Fewer Staff

  1. Jordan Smith says:

    I don’t believe that employee’s use “Cc:” as a waste of time or to show their boss that they are staying on top of their work. I simply believe that they send these emails out to the people who actually need them. These are sent out to everyone that it will involve because what if you leave some one out on one of the emails and they fall behind in the project that is happening? I know tons of people that do this to make sure that everyone stays in the loop on what is going on in the company. I definitely do not see this as a waste of resources. Ess states, “Communicators in organizations should be open to the possibility of being changed by messages of others…”. If we were not to send out the email to all who was involved we may never see a problem, or find a better way to do something. I believe that everyone has the right to know what is going on in their workplace.

    • Bruce Mayhew says:

      Thank you for your comment Jordan.
      When “Cc:” is used correctly email messages are sent to those who need to know… and this is certainly not a waste of their time. You are correct about this. Correct use of Cc: also gives people the opportunity to effectively use tools like “Folders” and “Rules” (in email management systems like Outlook), to help manage volume and prioritize your time.

      In my email etiquette training work, I am introduced to many people who don’t use Cc: well – and corporate clients who have challenges with this. I think the right solution is to show employees how to use Cc: correctly vs to establish policy that puts limits on and restricts employees activities… and therefore limits the efficiency of email which (when used well), is a very good business communication tool.

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