Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave

In a world where employers believe employee loyalty no longer exists, why should a company train employees well enough so they can leave? Because this is exactly how you keep them from leaving agree many leaders and HR specialist.Treat People Well Enough So They Can Leave

If you want employee loyalty, all you have to do is convince your most valuable asset that you respect them, value them and what to invest in their success.

True or False Question.

Employees… and especially Millennials (under 30 years old), look out for their best interests first?

You bet they do, more and more employees of all ages are looking to work for a company that will provide them career development opportunities and support. Employees want to better themselves; to expand their knowledge and expertise. 

If you train people well enough so they can leave, their productivity will increase and they’ll be more loyal.

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Productivity and employee loyalty rises exponentially when managers hire for positive attitude and Emotional Intelligence (EI), says Lee Anderson, Career Assessment and HR Consultant. Anderson continues, Set up new hires (and existing employees), for success by providing them with a comprehensive On-Boarding program which includes:

  • Clear expectations
  • Regular feedback
  • Meaningful shorter term job specific training
  • Longer term career path Professional Development training and mentoring   

This kind of integrated Talent Management process is a compelling way to convince high performers that they’re an investment not overhead.  That goes a long way to retaining them longer in your organization.

Another great idea is to develop a series of internally recognized ‘certificate’ programs to improve employee loyalty and retention even further. A 2-year skills training syllabus for new hires will shape their learning and ramp up their productivity quickly. New and existing employees will be motivated to complete each certificate program before they move on so they can add it to their Linkedin profile as an accomplishment. A learning syllabus might include topics like:

  • Managing Meetings
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Email Etiquette
  • Listening Skills
  • Improve Coaching / Mentoring Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Recruiting and Interview Techniques
  • Multigenerational Communication

Training can also focus on the individuals personal development. This training can be introduced as a perk or bonus which further strengthens loyalty. Therefore, employees may be provided an allowance to be used on personal development like:

  • A Weekend Meditation Retreat
  • Creative Writing
  • Wine Tasting / Cooking
  • A Second (or Third), Language
  • Photography
  • Painting / Art

Employees want to demonstrate their unique talents, values and beliefs. It makes sense therefore to enhance organizational performance by ensuring your employees work meets their needs, personal and professional values… and lifestyle. Work/life balance is a key motivator… especially for Millennials.

Work has to be more than a place to ‘go’…

As Barbara Moses, Ph.D. writes in her book ‘What Next’, “Great organizations meet the needs of the new [and existing] worker. People in these environments enjoy working with each other. They are stimulated to grow personally and professionally.

Conclusion To… Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave

Be an employer of choice by finding out what’s important to your employees. Increase employee loyalty by surveying your employees; ask them what’s important. Make a discussion part of your semiannual or quarterly performance evaluation (note: the more often you can discuss performance with Millennials the better – they love to be engaged at all levels), find out is what is important to your most valuable assets.

Your employees likely want to stay working for your organization as long as their personal and professional needs are being met.  Employees want to see the company they work for succeed and they want to be proud of what the company does as much as they want to be proud of what they accomplish – but they are not going to sacrifice themselves for the company… for very long.

Todays workplace is lean, time-urgent and results focused. The pressures for employers to retain top talent is high… because if you don’t keep your top talent, your competitors will gladly take them off your hands. 

Happy communicating and creating workplace harmony. Thank you!

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