The Need For Email Etiquette Training

What is the need for email etiquette training? Truth is, most participants tell me “I wish you would train all of the people I work with.” 

Email Etiquette Training

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In most businesses, over 90% of communication is via email. So it’s easy to imagine that our email etiquette and email writing habits impact our success.

I’m sure you agree, good service makes us feel good; we have a positive emotional reaction. Poor service frustrates us and might even make us angry; we have a negative emotional reaction. Thankfully, most of us are attracted to positive emotional reactions.

The same goes for email communication. We have an immediate emotional reaction to every single email we receive. Test yourself using the email in your inbox. As you scan your inbox I bet you go through a range of split second emotions like:

  • “Ugh!” feeling defensive, “Another bossy email from Bob. He’s so rude.”
  • “Ugh!” feeling impatient, “Betty rambles on and on – it takes so long to figure out what she is trying to say.
  • “Ah!” While feeling energized, “A message from Sue – she knows how to get to the point – I’ll do this now”.

How many times each day do you feel:

  • Defensive
  • Confused to what is wanted
  • Happy to help
  • Like you want to ignore that persons message – again
  • Other…

Business communication is just like walking a path where unseen land mines can go off at any moment and do irreparable damage… if we are not careful. Email etiquette training shows employees how to position their messages so their email builds personal and corporate brand value because they:

  • Are Easy To Read
  • Get To The Point Quickly
  • Are Easy To Understand
  • Are Easy To Respond To

That’s why there is a need for email etiquette training. And because we never took Email 101 or Introduction to Email Writing at college or university. We were never taught how to communicate in this strange, electronic… and now smartphone driven environment.

Still Not Convinced Of The Need For Email Etiquette Training?

Fact 1.

Your employees represent your company’s core values and professionalism to your customers, suppliers, vendors and other employees.

Fact 2.

According to a Harvard University study, it takes eight subsequent positive encounters to change a person’s negative opinion.

Fact 3.

People are more likely to talk to their peers about bad experiences than good experiences.

Fact 4.

Email etiquette rules and being mindful of your business goals might protect you and your company from misunderstandings that might be costly, embarrassing or even lead to lawsuits.

Are your employees able to communicate effectively?

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You don’t have to go in search of inner peace with your computer, however, it is important to your success that your employees communicate professionally; creating a positive experience… and positive emotional reactions every time.

Happy communicating, harmony and email etiquette training. Thank you!

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