Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee

Few employees and even fewer offices have benefited from the investment of email etiquette training… even though email is the preferred choice of business communication. Unfortunately, and as most of us have learned the hard way, the penalty of poor communication can range from an embarrassing mistake and a few hours of wasted work to potentially much worse.

Even tech savvy Millennials and Generation Z who will soon account for 50% of the workforce have received little to no email etiquette training at school.

So to help with this up-hill battle, I’d like to share 4 Tips from my email etiquette training workshops that are very popular.

Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee: Tip 1

Say Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good-bye.

One of the most common complaints about email is that the writer is bossy or rude even though the email message was not meant to be. One of the easiest solutions to make an email sound respectful AND professional is to say Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon.Email Etiquette For Every Office

When we talk face to face we never start without saying hello. Email etiquette follows the same rule.

The same approach works when you close your messages. Be sure to say Good-bye, Thanks Bruce or if a very formal email use Sincerely.

Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee: Tip 2

Be brief and choose your words carefully.

Most of us are good at writing brief email (too brief sometimes), but one thing we are guilty of is not thinking about our readers needs / knowledge when we write. We don’t mean to – we’re just busy.

Unfortunately, if we don’t consider our readers needs and how much experience they have, even your closest associate is going to have to make assumptions… and this opens the door for mistakes, loss of time and reputation, higher costs and many more problems.

Also be careful of using jargon and acronyms as they may further frustrate your readers.

Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee: Tip 3

Write great subject lines using 5 – 8 words.

Great email subject lines will get your email noticed and answered quickly.

Would you read a magazine article that had a vague title? NO!  So, considering we receive approximately 100 – 250 email each day, the best way to help your readers prioritize, read and file your messages is by writing great email subject lines.

Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee: Tip 4

Use a font and salutation that is approved by your organization.

Consistency is critical to your brand and customer experience. If it wasn’t, every Tim Horton’s store would look different – but they don’t. So, make sure you’re using the preferred font, font size and font colour your company style guide outlines.

Also, when it comes to your salutation follow the company style guide structure. Does the salutation include the company logo? What phone numbers should be included (some number should ALWAYS be included).

Email Etiquette For Every Office And Every Employee Conclusion

Email occupies as much as 90% of most offices daily communication because it is widely accessible, easy to use and a terrific record of a ‘conversation.’

With email etiquette training you can spend less time writing messages while also improving your personal and professional brand.

Happy communicating and business email etiquette for your office.

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