Millennials Are Changing How We Work Training Part 2

Millennials are changing how a multigenerational workforce works. For example:

  • A performance review once per year is no longer enough.
  • Working long hours with only a 2 week vacation is no longer enough.
  • The idea that if they work hard that eventually they will, ‘Have their chance’ is no longer enough.
  • A paycheck is no longer enough.
  • Being patient is near impossible.

In Part 1 of this series we began discussing the generation gap and how Millennials expectations are different. We also pointed out that Millennials are leading by example and changing what Baby Boomer and Gen X leaders want from their work and personal lives.

4 Generations At Work

4 Generations At Work

Lets continue that discussion.


Unless you are calculating bonus amounts, one end-of-year performance review is not enough feedback for todays multigenerational workforce. Most Millennials prefer frequent, smaller wins. It’s not because Millennials are ‘needy’; in part it’s because Millennials want to do a good job and be proud of accomplishing something.

Receiving regular feedback lets your employees know they are doing a great job (they don’t want to do a ‘good job’), or gives them the opportunity to course correct – which means everyone saves time and money. The added value is that smaller wins boost feelings of engagement and ownership of the project – which is a significant benefit when it comes to work quality and productivity.

Footnote: It’s not only about Boomers and Gen Xers changing to close the generation gap and satisfy Millennials. Millennials are learning they should expect feedback less often than they would like… while Boomers & Gen Xers are learning to provide feedback more frequently.

Face-time With Leaders

Millennials grew up with lots of interaction with their parents, teachers, coaches and other leaders. They feel comfortable around them and see them as people they can learn from.

One great way a leader can engage Millennial employees is to have what I call laser meetings. For example: Once or twice a week have a fast 10 minute meeting to review objectives, progress and critical needs. It’s not a gabfest on the way to Starbucks – its meaningful and deliberate. In today’s fast paced workspace, face-time with leaders this is also becoming an effective tool to stay up to date with Boomer and Gen X employees.

Set Short Term Goals

In line with more frequent feedback, Millennials do better when they have short term goals they can celebrate.

Work with all employees to identify and agree upon goals to reach at the end of the week. As you discuss goals also discuss the learning opportunity; this is a great way to keep your whole team focused, motivated and invested in the project.


Most Millennials work best in teams. Ask a few Millennials to collaborate and to come up with a few solutions if you have a problem to solve. I’m certain you will be amazed.

That said, Millennials are demonstrating for Boomers and Gen Xers the value (and enjoyment), of being creative together. So, collaboration is a great opportunity for different generations to learn what is important to each other and to close the generation gap.


Loyalty isn’t what it used to be. If a Millennial isn’t happy they likely won’t stick around… even if they don’t have another job to go to.

People rarely leave companies they leave managers. This has been true for years and years and years; it’s just happening at a much faster pace with Millennials. If a Millennial doesn’t feel their boss is giving them challenging opportunities, supporting them and/or respecting their work… don’t expect them to stick around.

Appropriately motivating and recognizing all employees is cost-effective and will help keep all generations engaged and committed; Boomers and Gen X included.


Leading change is a daily occurrence for todays multigenerational workforce and while Millennials are changing how we work today, it’s likely going to speed up as technology continues to develop and Gen Z enter the workspaces.

Great leaders know that if they don’t manage Millennials (and now Gen Z), it will lead to conflicts in the workplace, lower productivity, job hoppers and higher re-hiring costs/re-training costs.

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