Group Training Advantages

Some of the more familiear reasons for professional development training are to help employees excel at their day-to-day activities (most often considered hard-skills), while also representing organizational mission, vision and values (most often considered soft-skills). Bruce Mayhew at INTIX 2014 v2

But there is even greater return on investment organizations experience when they offer group training. The benefit is what happens when employees experience training together, at the same time and in the same place.

Group training offers benefits that online or one-on-one training cannot… and yet these benefits are almost never measured.

Team Development Benefits Of Group Training

Passion, Pride, Collaboration, Retention are just a few. There are great benefits of group training that extend far beyond the information being taught; some of the benefits of group training include:

  • Everyone hears the same message, feels the same energy and participates in reaching the objectives.
  • Employees who experience group training teach each other as they share experiences and stories.
  • As employees share stories and discuss possible solutions they also explore organizational values and goals.
  • Participants build camaraderie as they collaborate on exercises, share frustrations and a-ha moments.
  • When everyone is back to work, group training lets employees mentor each other as each integrates their newly learned best practices. This is both motivating and supports retention.
  • Fun – Yes, fun. Fun training is one of the best ways employees stay focused and remember new information.
  • Collaboration increases job satisfaction and employee loyalty which reduces employee turnover.

One of the key motivators for employees – especially Millennials and the emerging Gen Z is to form friendly bonds at work and to collaborate. In general, Millennials and Gen Z  are natural collaborators and excel in learning environments. The idea is to train them well enough so they can leave… but because in most cases that is the best way to get them to stay… for more than a year.


An organizations investment in training will always impact hard-skills and soft-skills. The benefit of group training is that it offers a valuable combination of benefits that keep employees inspired and increases adoption… therefore helping the organization be creative, competitive and resilient. Organizations also build a reputation as an employer of choice.

To experience your greatest value when planning professional development and especially group training, be sure to weigh both the hard-skills and soft-skills benefits as well as the economic benefits of group training. The group training benefits we are most used to thinking about are as follows… but don’t forget to add the list mentioned above.

    • Economies of scale lower the per-person investment
    • The potential for more topics to be offered and/or more people reached
    • Less time required to train a large group

Happy communicating and learning.

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