Millennials Are Leaders And Are Leading Change

Millennials have always gone after what they want and therefore they have changed – and are still changing how we all work.

In many ways they have always been leaders whether we knew it or not… and now Millennials are becoming senior management… managing other Millennials – or perhaps Boomers and Gen Xers.

Millennials Birth Years

Their values are a bit different based in part on the way they were brought up by their helicopter parents. And as Millennials become senior managers they are in a powerful position to really change everyone’s expectations about work and work/life balance. In the end most Boomers and Gen Xers are OK with it… especially once they see that the changes can be good for them as well.

Millennials are leading the drive to change workspace… including:

  • Greater workplace flexibility
  • Shorter work weeks
  • Greater desire for and ability to work in teams (Collaboration) – teamwork is important to most Millennials.
  • Wanting to be challenged – to be learning / improving
  • The possibility to have a part-time or hobby-job on the side
  • Wanting our contributions are recognized – frequentlyMillennial Leadership

With four generations in the workplace, the leadership style that works well is the one that includes everyone and cares for everyone. As we care and invest in each other, we all become better people – which makes us better, happier employees. And you know what happens when we are happy? We don’t switch jobs every 18 months, we are more creative and we are MORE PRODUCTIVE.

What company doesn’t want greater employee loyalty and productivity?

This is important because retention of the Millennial workforce is one of the TOP challenges many organizations have. We all know that employees rarely leave companies; they leave poor leaders / poor managers; that has been true for years and is not limited to Millennials – its just happening at a faster pace with Millennials. If a Millennial doesn’t feel their boss is supporting them or respects their work – they’re going to leave.

Lets see what we can do to work together and take the time to understand and respect each other.

One way to accomplish this is to promote mentoring between employees from different generations. Millennials and Gen Z employees can learn from the experience of Gen Xers and Boomers while they teach senior employees how to use new technology and to see challenges from new point of view  (like company motivation and recognition).


Millennials (Gen Y) are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and the younger, more technologically connected Gen Z’s are coming up behind them. We have to pay attention.

No matter what generation you represent, as a leader or future leader it’s important you explore the ideas and needs of everyone – openly – in order to be the competitive organization you want to be. Happy Training.

This is likely the shortest blog I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoyed it.

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