Millennials, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Most of the Millennial generation is already in the labour marker – and those that are not there yet will be there shortly… and the Gen Z generation is beginning to join in.

We can all agree this is a time of global economic adjustment, political unrest, environmental crisis and personal financial uncertainty for many. Uncertainty and change is the new norm – and global, corporate and personal behaviours are taking on an almost unimaginable swing trying to keep up.

Baby Boomers And Millennials Are Alike

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But whenever there are challenges, there are also opportunities that a multigenerational workforce can help you take advantage of. And, Millennials have an incredible opportunity to change the world in a very positive and lasting way.

Millennials have a bad reputation – mostly as being lazy, materialistic, unfocused and self-absorbed. But as a Boomer, I can assure you my mother thought the same of me.

Millennials Are Used To Nice Things

Millennials are used to ‘having’ much and being ‘given’ much. Lets face it, their parents have been dressing them in designer jeans and surrounding them with technology since before they were walking (I’m looking at you fellow Boomers and some Gen X). Lets not forget – group sports, art and music classes, horse back riding lessons – all of which ultimately finishes with the largest number of college and university educated adults to have ever existed.

The result is that our 20-somethings are used to having many nice things and they are aware of international possibilities. They are – for the most part also the most accepting, least discriminating, most curious, most collaborative population… and they are not only used to change – they expect and strive for change.

Millennials are also much closer to their families (especially their parents). And, while their parents have given them much and promised them the world (I exaggerate a bit), when they are ready for work they are met with corporate merging / downsizing and a Boomer population that isn’t retiring. So, is this workforce frustrated? Sure… because they are not used to not getting what they were promised… and what they want.

The result is a large disenchanted population that is well-educated, with student debt (or not if their parents paid), who are working as waiters, waitresses, hotel receptionists if they are lucky – or as administrative assistants, analysts and entry-level associates if they are really lucky (largely because Boomers are not retiring and getting out of the way). The unlucky ones are unemployed and wondering if they should go back to school to get even more education.

But, Millennials are starting to get their chance. As they move up the corporate ladder, Millennials are starting to push change in all aspects of their life. From boardroom to political voting (which they avoided for years), I am excited about the changes I see them making.

Millennials Will Leave A Spectacular Legacy

I believe the legacy Millennials leave will be spectacular. I expect that as they re-imagine and rebuild our global economy they will calm the global violence that is currently running ramped. I also believe they will reverse global warming and the amount of pollutants we all too casually pump into our water, land, air and even space now.

The destruction left by Traditionalists, Boomers and some Gen X generations will be hard to recover from – but I believe Millennials and Gen Z will find a way to heal our economy, planet and sanity in a very positive way.

So, Millennials – I ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?” Times are tough but you live for change – so show the current multigenerational workforce how it’s done and how not to be freaked out. And – if you don’t mind, can you also figure out how to care for us Boomers when we get close to our final years?


Happy communicating everyone.

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One Response to Millennials, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

  1. david_h says:

    Your comment about Millennials being close to their family is interesting and made me chuckle. One of the things that as a Gen X’r that I find as a disconnect is the “living at home into your late 30’s” concept. Add in cultural changes in the workforce with cultures that have multi-generational households. It’s a big change from everyone rushing to move out at 18.

I’ll enjoy reading your thoughts and your experiences.

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