Values, Morals and Ethics.

What is the relationship between and/or differences of Values, Morals and Ethics?

Values Morals EthicsThe differences are slight – but they are real and important. Understanding the definition of values, morals and ethics and the difference between them helps us avoid using one term when we should be using the other.


Values are a system of personal beliefs that comes from within for deciding good or bad, right and wrong or should and shouldn’t. Values are the fundamental principles that guide a persons decisions. Values do not have to be shared by a persons ‘society/community’ because they are depend on the individual’s choices.


Morals do not determine values but are formed because of values. Morals are a system of personal beliefs that are used for deciding good or bad / right or wrong (what is and is not acceptable for the person to do). An individuals ‘moral’ action may be contradictory to what is legal, but in the end the individual believes it is the right behaviour. Morals are personal to the individual although often shared by their ‘society/community’, at least in part.


Ethics are moral values in action. A person follows certain ethical ‘rules’ because their ‘society/community’ says it is the right thing to do. Ethics are usually dependent on others to create and support the definition – like a governing body of doctors or a religion.

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