Hillary And Bernie For President

Hillary and Bernie (I feel we are on first name terms), you both have an opportunity to set an example – a really profound example for the world.

What if you began to collaborate and stopped trying to beat each other out of the big chair? You are two highly talented people with great supporters, contacts, education and experience. What if you became a beacon and example for citizens and corporate America… And The World to work together.

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Hillary And Bernie For President

Be An Example For Businesses And Individuals. 

Collaboration is identified by the best leaders, scholars, consultants and spiritual figures as a powerful way for great companies to be competitive and deliver value to clients, shareholders and the economy. Collaboration also unites individuals and helps them focus on their… and each others strength and passions.

Great leaders focus on:

  • Communication – Hillary… Bernie you both are great at this
  • Inspiration – again, you are both great.
  • A focus on critical values – I like that you have both complementary values… and each seem to have a few of your own
  • Vision – yup. You both have that. Imagine what you could accomplish when you support the same vision?
  • Promote cooperation – come on… you can do this.
  • Trust – I know you are politicians, but I think this is possible. Many trust you now, and if you work together I imagine your trust ratings will go even higher. Just don’t screw it up.
  • Business knowledge, skill. Between the two of you, you have more knowledge and experience that almost anyone. Imagine what you can do when you combine your super powers instead of use them to fight against each other?

I can go on but do I really need to?

Embrace Change – Do What Is Right… Not What Is Expected.

The people we remember most in history have done great things. They have turned ‘What Is’ into ‘What Can Be Better’. Consider Steve Jobs and what he did with Apple. Consider what Gandhi accomplished by doing things differently and leading change and collaboration of his people.

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Same Old – Same Old No Longer Works

I suggest Hillary and Bernie for president. The greatest opportunities are the ones nobody has done. Change is now a constant – which means the ‘same old – same old’ no longer works. Organizations / institutions that are not changing are being left behind. If you mined for gold would you mine in the same place others had been for years, or would you embrace a new opportunity to dig deeper?

The world is a different place than it was 20, 50, 100 years ago.

Set an example. Instead of fighting together at the cost of jobs and our environment – show businesses what you can accomplish when they work together.

Slowly, the business world is embracing that leadership is about adaptability, loyalty and engagement. Help businesses pick up the pace as they work towards sustainability. And, help businesses show their employees the loyalty they want from their employees.

Be A Team Like Never Before: Hillary And Bernie For President

You both can show everyday people and business leaders that collaboration supports an environment and help others. Show the world how people with varying abilities / experience can put differences aside and embrace a common goal. Be an example of flexibility and respect as you share information, decision-making, responsibility, learning and recognition.

Hillary, Bernie; if you truly want to make the USA and the world a better place and to create a legacy, I believe your decision is to decide to work together. Now!

Conclusion: Become An Unstoppable Team Hillary And Bernie

Hillary, Bernie… ignite your passion so that together you both inspire innovation. Take pride in creating wonderful adaptable solutions. Your passion can change the world and move it forward like never before.

One of the largest barriers to collaboration is siloes and politics. So, break down silos – don’t play by the same rules everyone else has – it is time to play a new game… together.

Happy communicating… and Hillary And Bernie For President.

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