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4 Responses to Visit Us

  1. Kinsey Talbot says:

    This Bruce Mayhew Blog is so relevant and the content so valuable. I am definitely sharing this blog with others. I know that reading this blog increases my knowledge base and understanding and therefore will improve my business relationships and subsequently increase revenue simply from incorporating these useful ideas into my daily work strategy. Thank you for producing such a meaningful blog!

  2. Larry Letisia says:

    Regarding your statement – “Millennials have the reputation of having lazy work ethics and being hard to motivate which isn’t true…” is itself untrue. Millennials absolutely do have a lazy work ethic, and are among the most overwhelmingly incompetent workers I have ever come encountered. What’s even worse is they don’t seem to care.

    • Bruce Mayhew says:

      Thank you for your feedback Larry.

      I don’t doubt you’ve had some challenging experiences. I think everyone has ran into a Millennial who didn’t live up to their expectations. I have to balance the scale however and say that as a Boomer myself – I’ve worked with Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials who have fallen short. I’ve also worked with Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials who have been amazingly hard-working, creative and devoted.

      Speaking of Millennials specifically – they are different. No doubt about it. They cannot be defined in general terms as we’ve often been able to get away with when speaking about Boomers… for example.

      Often what is good for one Millennial is not good for the other. That said, here are a few ideas how to maximize a Millennials contribution and engagement. The great thing is that these also are wonderful as we guide and engage all employees.

      1. Make sure they know the company mission, vision and values. This provides meaning to the employee. All employees – but especially Millennials are looking to take pride in their work as well as the company they work for. Sharing the companies value-based, mvv and how they support their community as good corporate citizens will help the individual employee be motivated and engaged.

      2. A growing popular opportunity is to provide Millennials (and all employees), time to work on self-defined projects. This good for the company and the employee as it helps the employee feel more engaged and in control and boosts creativity and innovation within the company.

      3. Another must have for Millennials (and some Gen X;ers and Boomers like it also), is to offer ‘respectful’ flexibility. Being able to work from home one day a week – or come in late / early will be seen as a great motivator for many… and add to their loyalty to your company.

      4. Millennials especially do better with very regular evaluation and feedback… as this helps keep them motivated and on the right path.

      Thank you again Larry.

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